Priceless Cute Ring

Cute Ring
Priceless Moon Ring

11 Best 3D Drawings

Awesome 3D Dinosaur Painting 

 Creative 3D Painting. It’s So Alive.

Creative 3D Painting of Bee by Fredo.

Another Masterpiece by Fredo. Creative 3D Glass.

Creative 3D Face Painting by Fredo

Awesome 3D Sketch Art. Really Creative.

Creative 3D Painting by Fredo.

Creative 3D Reptiles Drawing.

 Creative 3D Butterfly Drawing by Fredo

Creative 3D Glass Drawing 

Creative 3D Boat Painting from China.

Hope You Like This Collection. Which One Is Your Favourite? 

7 Best Pet Tattoos

Funny Indian Pics Presents 7 Best Pet tattoos

Pets are the most adorable and lovable additions to our homes. The massive amount of internet traffic based around pet photos testifies to the human connection to our pets! But for some owners, their pets are much more than just personal living companions, or members of the family – they become the all-important center of their worlds. These pet-owners are often so devoted to their pets that they have memorials built for them –  from simple scultpures and paintings to the famous case of the man who made a temple in memory of his beloved late pet dog. But here we will cover a growing, and creative new trend that has emerged – Pet Tattoos! We profile 10 such people who have taken the bold, loving and colourful step of creating life-like renditions of their beloved pets in tattoo form!
Hairless Cat
The famous hairless cat is known to be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of pet, and there’s no prizes for guessing which way the following pet owner swings on that question!

Beautiful Bulldog
This very special bulldog, appropriately named “Truck” is rendered beautifully by the artist in this tattoo.

Minimalist Cat Tattoo
Simple, effective, not overly-bold, but gets the message accross.

We can only imagine how adorable “Sara” would have been were she still alive. A beautiful tribute to what is obvious a beloved pet.

Sphynx Cat

The shadows around the cat are to cover a good scar that had the girl. Health, Art and Rock ‘n’ Roll!


This adorable dog, is immortalised, and rendered with oodles of creative flair in this next piece.

Majestic Boxer
Done by the tattoo artists MissNio in Berlin, she achieves an amazing matte finished airbrushed effect on the tattoo of this boxer.

How to settle abroad- boys vs girls

Following are the steps to settle abroad for boys vs girls
1) Go to coaching institutions for 2 years for GRE, TOEFL, GMAT so on…
2) Improve english.
3) Get good scores for all competitive exams, academics and extra curricular activities.
4) Perform very well in Visa interview.
5) Get bank loan by begging and by showing fake assets.
6) Finally go abroad.
7) Study hard to survive.
8) Work in a restaurant to payback loan (Never ever worked in his own house).
9) Get a job, Marry indian girl of parents choice and settle abroad.
Where as, the process of a girl is very simple. Just marry a guy settled in abroad.
* Conditions apply :P
Do you agree ???

The Best of Desi Grad Memes

These are some of the best desi grad memes which you will come across. Have fun.
1) Says can cook to potential room mates, Cooks only maggi after moving in.
2) Does not eat from friday, Goes to eat unlimited indian buffet saturday afternoon.
3) Scenic place for long weekend, Annoys friend to take his portrait for profile picture.
4) Goes to a bar, Flashes passport when asked for an ID.
5) Wants big salary in software company, Never bought a software himself.
6) Pickup line at bar, Can i ‘purchase’ you a drink.
7) Likes anna hazare on facebook, Feels good about his contribution to india.
8) Lands in USA, Feels happy that he can get an iPhone for 10,000 Rupees.
9) Transits through international airports, Feels like explored all countries.
10)Spends whole night on the project, Changing Variable names in the copied code.
11)First snowfall, Added 60 photos to the album “First snowfall”.
12)Keeps nodding head in class, To let the professor know he is listening.
13)Gets into the movie theater in the morning, Comes out in the evening.
14)Goes to the movie theater, Can you give me a seat in the back row ?
15)Attends lecture on domestic violence against women, For free pizza.
16)Never Entered Kitchen in his life before, he landed in the USA, Uploads pictures of cooked food in a couple of months, boasting to be an awesome cook.
17)First question to a senior after he lands in the US, EK Lap Dance kitne ka hai?
18)While in US, converts everything to rupees.. Goes to India, converts everything to dollars!
19)‎1st day in College, Calls Professor as “Sir” / “Madam”.
20)Reads all Desi Grad Memes, Feels humiliated as he did all of them!!!

Funniest Pics from My lovely Country India..

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